Saturday, August 28, 2010

Terran best build order!

erran is a well balanced race whether you are playing Star craft 1 or 2. Because of their versatile units, there are many strategies that this race can do in order for them to defeat the Protoss, Zerg or even the Terran opponents. But the best Starcraft Terran build order to defeat all kinds of races is to get the mule.

This race, of all the 3 races has the most complicated way of getting minerals and vespene gas. When you use this race you will lose your speed in collecting minerals and gases especially when you use your gatherer to construct buildings. That is why the best build order that this race can offer is to get the mule.
The mule are an extra unit that you can call out that can gather twice as much minerals that what a SCV's can for 20 seconds. With this kind of strategy, this can balance the disadvantages Terran race has against other races.

In order for a person to get the mule as soon as possible, gamers must do the following;

1. Have 9 gatherers as soon as possible.
2. Build a supply depot after having the 9 gatherers.
3. Continue building two more SCV's and then build another depot.
4. Use one builder to build a barracks and build it where you can block your ramp.
5. make sure that there are gatherers working on the command center all the time.
6. Once the barracks is finished use a builder to build another depot in order to seal the ramp.
7. Stop building SCVs when their population reaches 14 in order for you to have sufficient minerals to upgrade to Orbital Command the moment your Barracks is done so that you can acquire the mule faster.
8. After the refinery is built acquire two more builders so that they can gather gas.
9. Train some marines so that you can defend your camp from any rush attacks.
10. You can build another barracks or upgrade directly to banshees and siege tanks.
11. Add a tech lab to your first barracks when your vespene gas reaches to 50
12. With the orbital command ready, down the Mule and continue making SCV's

When calling down the mule and generating minerals and gases faster that what gatherers can make in 20 seconds can give your Terran race a boost in order for them to compete against their opponents. You can have you own strategies on defeating your opponent depending on what race attacks you as long as you can get the mule as soon as possible.

Using Terran, there are a number of good strategies against protoss, zerg and its own race, and you need to also look out for some other race strategies against it.

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